Beijing International Airport

This is massive–supposed to be the largest airport in the world.  Oddly, however, it is not monumental, just big.  It is relatively easy to navigate given its size, but architecturally it is disappointing.  There is not the variation in spaces that is so memorable at Kansai Airport in a facility of similarly program.  This is just one big statement that keeps going on and on and on.  The skylights, which are proclaimed as a powerful feature, are actually quite subtle.

Thinking about Contemporary Practices
Posted September 19, 2010

  • Yiou Jiao

    I completely agree!

    A few years ago I took your Architecture and Society class at UT and your lectures continue to influence me, although I am not working in the architecture field.
    My family lived in Beijing for a few years and when I went back to see them in summers I was very disappointed in the new airport. Their signage was a 100% clone of Hong Kong International Airport’s signage.

    Thank you for sparking my interest in architecture and congratulations on winning the Topaz Medallion!

  • Edward Alshut

    I do envy your opportunity to Travel.
    A good friend of mine is working for HOK in Beijing, seems like all he sends are photos of the Great Wall.
    The Olympics certainly demonstrated to the world Chinas ambitions and aspirations. What is sad is Americas lack of vision and collective will. Shawn and I were in NYC for Christmas and our return flight to Atlanta departed LeGuardia Airport. Is this the best we can do?

    Check out this video.