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St. Giles Presbyterian Church

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Posted January 24, 2013

, 1996

“Harwell Hamilton Harris”

Written by Larry Speck

Harris, Harwell Hamilton (b Redlands, CA, 2J uly 1903; d 1990). American architect. He served a three-year apprenticeship with Richard Neutra (1928-32), and was one of the earliest American members of CIAM, joining in 1929. He began his architectural practice in Los Angeles in 1933 and soon distinguished himself as a designer by the completion […]

, July/August 1985

“The Inventive ’50s: Ford Had a Better Idea”

Written by Larry Speck

Ideas reach an awkward adolescence, a point at which they are too young to be judged lasting truths but no longer have the freshness of youth. Familiarity breeds contempt, and with the hoopla surrounding any new development in our media age, we seem to get bored with ideas just about the time they are maturing […]