Journal of Architectural Education

, Fall 1980

“Mainstream Is Almost All Wrong”

Written by Larry Speck

Nikolaus Pevsner, perhaps inadvertently, showed the vulnerability of mainstream architectural history thinking in his introduction to Eric Mendelsohn: Letters of an Architect, by Oskar Beyer, 1967. He pointed out the “incontrovertible logic” of a totally different history of modern architecture from the one he wrote in 1949. In Pioneers of the Modern Movement Pevsner had […]

, November 1975

“Toward an Analysis of Dwelling Claim”

Written by Larry Speck

A group of students and faculty at MIT are currently engaged in research aimed at an improved understanding of the often elusive interaction between characteristics of physical environments and the human activities which they house. Sponsored by the Ernest H Grunsfeld Jr Memorial Fund, the MIT Urban Ecology Program/ Grunsfeld Seminar seeks to identify the […]