I believe in pluralism in architecture, and I hope this blog can be a forum for discussion of a very wide range of architectural thinking.  I have long been dismayed by the dogmatic singularity of architectural thought that often sweeps through our discipline, thriving temporarily on its freshness and novelty until it burns out, only to be replaced by a new theoretical “darling”.

Can’t we nourish a range of architectural thinking concurrently; letting many threads coexist and mature together?  I hope that is where we are headed right now.  It has been criminal, in my mind, for individual schools of architecture to be style factories that churned out a whole generation that were indoctrinated to a single way of thinking about architecture.  In a very heterogeneous world, how can this be intellectually sound?

I have, myself, a very catholic appreciation for architecture.  I am a sucker for exquisite historical buildings, and I still get chills when I walk into a great Gothic cathedral.  But I am also always on a quest to experience the very most daring new thing.  It seems to me that thoughtful, mature, skillful design of many different sorts is something to be admired, appreciated and promoted.  This should include, I think, a very wide range of different architectural approaches in our own time.