Nestled in the valleys of a beautiful site on the outskirts of Beijing is a group of contemporary houses and a clubhouse designed by 12 outstanding Asian architects.  Each house is an individualistic object and they bear little relationship to each other.  Although there are some nice moments in many of the houses, this project seems to be symptomatic of something wrong with architecture today.  These houses are less about site, human inhabitation and building a community than they are about each architect’s personal expression.  They all seem a little hollow and empty.

Furniture House by Shigeru Ban.

Bamboo Wall House by Kengo Kuma from Japan

The Shared House by Kanika R'kui from Thailand

Forest House by Nobuaki Furuya from Japan

Split House by Yung Ho Chang from China

Rammed earth wall in Split House

Suitcase House by Gary Chang from Hong Kong

See and Seen House by Cui Kai from China
Distorted Courtyard House by Rocco Yim from Hong Kong

Cantilever House by Antonio Ochoa from China
Airport House by Chien Hsueh-Yi from Taiwan
The Twins by Kay Ngee Tan from Singapore

The Clubhouse by Seung H-Sang from South Korea