In the Muslim Quarter in Xian there is an amazing night market that is bustling with people, food and activity.  It is clearly the social heart of an ancient and cohesive neighborhood.  The street market weaves into a narrow bazaar that could be in Istanbul and finally up to the gates of the mosque.  What a visual feast!  And the people are a gas to watch.

At the peak of the market at 9:00pm or so the crowds are dense and represent every age group in the community.
Colorful and exuberant architecture is an appropriate framework for the market.
Permanent shops and restaurants mix with temporary stalls.
Pedi-cab stand at one end of the market to take people to and from.
A few people challenge the rules by bringing in bikes and motorcycles.
Landmark Drum Tower anchors one end of the market street.
Side street off of the main market leads to "turkish bazaar".
Displays are colorful and meticulously arranged.

The food on the main market street is the most luscious visual feast.

Sunflower seeds.
Lots of mystery stuff.
Snake for dinner?
Rice cooked inside bamboo.
Supermarket in the middle of the open air market.
Full meals available on the street.