This is one of the most stunning landscapes in the world.  The flatness of the water and the rice fields contrasting with the karst peaks that have been sculpted by weather has been the inspiration for Chinese scroll paintings for ages.  The dense forests of bamboo are soft and exotic and sway gently in the breezes.

River and karst peaks near Yangshuo

Moon Hill with dramatic circular opening.
Hiking up Moon Hill
View from top of Moon Hill.
Karst peaks along Li River

Mammoth stand of bamboo.
Fisherman with Cormorant birds.

The agricultural development of the region is timeless and beautiful.  It is a breadbasket for the country, but, because of the irregularity of the landscape, most of the farming utilizes very labor intensive traditional farming techniques.  Fishing in the river is also a major enterprise.  They fish from bamboo rafts and sometimes use cormorant birds to catch the fish.