The University of Texas has taken a giant step toward integrating student life with surrounding Austin neighborhoods through its new high-rise apartment in its West Campus. The residential project is designed to appeal to upperclassmen, graduates, faculty, staff and young professionals. Blurring the boundaries between “town” and “gown” is an important new trend in university living environments and 2400 Nueces is the most recent example.

2400 Nueces is a major landmark in the developing West Campus neighborhood. In 2004, the city of Austin up-zoned the West Campus neighborhood in an effort to create a more compact, sustainable community by increasing pedestrian and bicycle commuting. As a result, over one-third of the people who work/study at UT Austin currently arrive by foot, by bike or by a combination of the two. 2400 Nueces extends this pedestrian-friendly, mixed-use environment and intends to foster a stronger sense of connectivity with the campus.