Poor soil conditions on a spectacular site required a heroic foundation with few drilled piers and deep foundation beams.  This, combined with the steep slope, gorgeous views, and abundant existing trees, dictated a long, thin rectangular footprint and a simple concrete volume to span between the piers.  All of the major rooms, which look out to the trees or above them to downtown Austin, are housed in this primary volume.  Looser, shaped wooden volumes are arranged around the concrete structure, housing the kitchen, entry, carport and porches.  The home’s materials–plywood-formed concrete, bleached and weathered wood, and the curving, standing-seam roof–fade into the natural woods from the street.  Inside, exposed concrete complements the clients’ antique furniture and rugs as well as their distinguished collection of modern art.  A series of seven Jasper Johns collages are dramatically hung on the curved wall of the entry, allowing them a special dialogue with each other.