The House on Turtle Creek is a thorough renovation and addition to 1970s house originally designed by noted Dallas architect Bud Oglesby. The project became a kind of collaboration with Bud via the bones that he left for the house. Both ends of the structure, which were severely deteriorated, were removed; the house now opens up to extraordinary views of Turtle Creek and the Dallas Country Club. The delineation of zones for “servant” and “served” spaces, which paid homage to Louis Kahn in the original house, is now clarified and fortified. Luscious materials–sand blasted, cut Leuders limestone; Almondria wood; steel sash windows; a literally “hung” glass curtain wall; stainless steel fabric; scagliola– are employed throughout the new design.  Both inside and outside rich, tactile surfaces are made even more vivid by a variety of natural light sources.