The Lake Travis House is perched on a 100-foot bluff with extraordinary views to the southwest, west and north. The home’s west side takes the form of a sweeping arc, acknowledging the panorama; wall shapes and windows are oriented to match specific vistas. The home’s design responds to specific functional preferences for the family of four. On the lower floor, playroom, living room, dining room and kitchen are one continuous space, subdivided by level changes that control internal views. The kitchen is at the center of the house, blessed with the best views. Bedrooms and bathrooms are grouped upstairs around laundry and storage; the cycle of cleaning people and clothes is sensibly and unconventionally orchestrated. Primary materials–limestone, stucco, concrete, steel and copper–share a common color spectrum that knits them together. Detached piers, horizontal redwood trellises, deep roof awnings and automatic rolling shutters provide thorough sun control year-round.