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Norman Bel Geddes — updated 3/24/2020
Neuroplasticity — updated 3/25/2020
Temple Grandin — updated 3/26/2020




Ten Terms.pdf
Ten New Terms.pdf
Historical Perspectives / How Do You Excel.pdf
What is a Creative Age Like.pdf
Tokugawa & Tikopia.pdf
Easter Island / Absence of Creative Problem Solving.pdf
Maximizing Creativity / Intellectual Technologies.pdf
Left Brain Right Brain.pdf
Creative Dualities.pdf



Bel Geddes, Norman.pdf
Einstein, Albert.pdf
Hamilton, Alexander.pdf
Jefferson, Thomas.pdf
Grandin, Temple.pdf
Goodall, Jane.pdf
Lincoln, Abraham.pdf
Marconi, Guglielmo.pdf
Moses, Robert.pdf
Robinson, Michelle.pdf
Roosevelt, Eleanor.pdf
Salatin, Joel.pdf
Salk, Jonas.pdf
Stevens, John.pdf

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